Frequently Asked Questions


  • How many startups do you invest in every year?
    • Each cycle selects up to 30 companies. With 2 cycles per annum, we invest in up to 60 companies.

  • What kind of companies are you looking for?
    • We invest in innovative ideas with great teams. Besides our general program, we also have a specialized Fintech track, developed in partnership with EFG Hermes.

  • Why is Falak interested in receiving shares in my company?
    • We believe that the knowledge, expertise, and networking provided by our program is of remarkable value. The Falak program is your first step on the ladder of progression and will significantly increase your chances of success and sustainable growth. We invest in your companies because we are interested in creating long-lasting partnerships with our startups. By investing in you, we are motivated to help you succeed by connecting you with the right people who can take your business to the next level. In addition, one of our goals is to create a community of like-minded, driven individuals who through collaboration can make a large impact on society and the economy.



  • What can entrepreneurs expect during the acceleration period?
    • We provide a fully equipped, state-of-the-art co-working facility in the Greek Campus, where entrepreneurs can attend speaker sessions, consultant one-on-ones, and special events. In addition, entrepreneurs enrolled in the program are free to use the co-working facility to work with their respective teams and possibly collaborate with other entrepreneurs. For more information, please visit the Falak experience section in our homepage.




  • Do I have to be at the accelerator the entire period?
    • Yes. We require that you be primarily based in Cairo. This benefits you if you take advantage of the numerous acceleration opportunities, networking possibilities and coaching that we provide. The program is a major commitment, and we expect you to be present for a very intense ride! After the program you can relocate anywhere.

  • Does the program provide housing?
    • We don’t provide accommodation. However, we will connect you with other teams in the cohort and generally help in pointing you to viable options.