Our Startups

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​3al mashy

Year Established 2017 - Industry F&B

Quick, Clean, Quality, Cuisine


Year Established 2018 - Industry Health Tech

Changing the healthcare service landscape one customer at a time

Agriculture Egypt

Year Established 2018 - Industry Agriculture

Online B2B marektplace for agriculture products


Year Established 2018 - Industry Automotive

The most hassle free used car sales service in Egypt


Year Established 2017 - Industry Health Tech

Pharmacy online application

​Benaa Today

Year Established 2018 - Industry Construction

Online marketpalce for construction material & equipment

El Roshetta

Year Established 2017 - Industry Health Tech

Application connecting customers with their nearest pharmacies

Enqaz Dot Net

Year Established 2017 - Industry Automotive

Roadside car service application


Year Established - Industry Social Impact

A platform that connects various stakeholders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem

Find me football

Year Established 2018 - Industry Sports

A community platform that allows users to organize football matches and set up teams


Year Established 2017 - Industry Transportation

Cross-country car-pooling service platform


Year Established 2017 - Industry Domestic Services

Application that provides users with easy-to-access home cleaning services


Year Established 2017 - Industry Domestic Services

Online platform that provides hotel-quality home cleaning services


Year Established - Industry

First Egyptian manufactured 3D printers


Year Established 2018- Industry Tech

A tech-enabled sign language translation service

Masry Market

Year Established 2017- Industry FMCG

An online marketplace for Egyptian-made consumer goods


Year Established 2017- Industry Hardware and appliances

Locally manufactured audio devices made from natural materials


Year Established 2018- Industry Health Tech

First Arabic diabetes mangment application


Year Established 2017- Industry Fintech

A free financial platform that aggregates financial information from various banks, insurance and financial borkerage firms

Olli Tech

Year Established 2018- Industry Education

Platform for information exchange within the education sector


Year Established 2017- Industry Home services

Online platform connecting clients with home services providers


Year Established 2018- Industry Automotive

Automotive diagnostic application


Year Established 2018- Industry Ed Tech

A revelutionary new application in the edutainment sector


Year Established 2017- Industry Renewables

First renewable energy innovative solutions company that produces branded solar.

Value Bekia

Year Established 2018- Industry Waste management

Marketpalce for recycled goods and products

X pay

Year Established 2018- Industry Fintech

Cashless repeat payment subscribtion application


Year Established 2018- Industry F&B services

An online marketplace for food and catering services

Med Box

Year Established 2017- Industry Health Tech

Online applications for pharmacies


Year Established 2018- Industry Fintech

Cloud HR and payroll enrollment platform


Year Established 2018 - Industry Automotive

Online marketplace for automotive spare parts

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