Falak Startups Cycle 4 Criteria

Strong Team

We want to invest in startups with a cross functional star team and a minimum of two co-founders. Ideally, we are looking for diverse expertise, skillsets that compliment each other and technical experience.

Solves a problem

The product or service should solve a problem/address a need for a specific target customer (a gap in the market).

MVP stage

It is important for us to at least see a functional MVP before investing. Proof of customer usage is a plus.

Measurable traction

We need to see real, genuine traction and not vanity metrics. For example, active users, revenue, attractive unit economics.

Tech enabled product/service

We want to invest in companies that are reliant on technology to drive change and growth, a user of innovative technology.


We want to invest in companies that have potential to grow and therefore we need to see proof of ability to scale. For example, you should be able to prove there is a large enough market for your product/service (a market in the gap).

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