Mazboot is a digital healthcare app tailored to diabetics patients allowing them to monitor and self-manage their food intake and blood sugar level. It is designed specifically for the MENA region, with Arabic being its primary language. Mazbootoffers various services to its users, such as a personal diabetic coach, in which the patient receives daily medical follow-ups by qualified doctors. With 3,000 active users. It expects to monetize its current freemium user base once the second update version is released. Tarek Mandoor, CEO, holds a BSc. in Computer Science and engineering with 3 years of experience in business development. He is also a data science and analytics engineer. Ahmed Medhat, Medical Director, has over 3 years of experience managing developmental National health product and has experience working at the WHO. He has completed his BSc. inmedicine and is currently undertaking is MSc. in clinical pathology.