Driven by the believe that successful organizations can thrive only if their workforce is motivated, engaged and productive. MERAKIDO is a B2B Employees’ wellbeing platform that uses gamified, habit-centric programs that help employees form sustainable habits that contribute to employees Physical, Mental, Social and Financial wellbeing, thus increase their overall engagement and PR

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The Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Merakido is looking for a Talented tech lead / CTO

A skilled developer with strong expertise in programming, software architecture design and mobile app development. Can do a lot of coding yourself and check the code written by other developers on the team.

You as the CTO will be the first (and only for now) developer on the team, so you’re in charge of developing a minimum viable product (MVP) in the shortest time possible.

Your roles and responsibilities include selecting a technology stack, designing the application architecture, launching the first prototype and managing/guiding the development of future iterations.

This requires strong programming skills, relevant experience, and the ability to stick to an agile software development workflow

The CTO is the leading software architect in a technology startup. you should be able to:

* Design and implement a software architecture
* Select a technology stack
* Design and configure infrastructure
* Select a development toolkit
* Design and implement a database design
* Improve and optimize the application architecture
* Ensure scalability of the application
* Ensure scalability of the infrastructure
* Explore new technologies and decide whether to implement them

* Hire the right tech team members and lead and develop them

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