N-ART (Network of Artists) is an easy to use mobile application for artists, galleries, and art-lovers to connect and appreciate art. The purpose of the online platform of N-ART is to encourage collaboration, exposure, and networking between and beyond artists. The user creates a profile either as a: (1) artist, (2) gallery, (3) art-lover. Artists showcase their art experience whether by uploading photos of final products, posing in the studio, or attending art exhibitions. In a way, artists can socialize virtually. A unique added value, is the ease of art lovers and collectors to search for unique pieces by price, medium, color, size, and artistic theme on the mobile app. In case of a purchasing request, contact info is shared between the artist and art lover to close the deal. The revenue stream of the NART app is through: in-app advertisement, events planning, and a percentage on transaction fees (to be enabled upon online payment operation).