Retail Digital Transformation

Qme is an AI-based real-time digital queuing solution designed to integrate with enterprise existing queuing systems with an automated end-to-end user handling experience. The allocated tickets are based on the customer’s location and arrival time to the branch, guaranteeing minimal to almost zero waiting time. Customers also get customized alerts based on their location and based on the branch’s queues – resulting in a more streamlined and better customer handling experience. Qme is not a solution to replace your currently installed queuing solution it’s just an AI-based digital backend to integrate with it (in 2-3 weeks) to offer the below competitive edge over the existing queuing system; 1. Recommended branch based on fastest time to be served 2. Issuing ticket based on customer arrival time 3. Keeping track of customer location and branch queue details though the whole journey guaranteeing minimal to almost zero waiting time 4. Capitalize on the investment already done in the Enterprise queuing system and App 5. Qme App for Enterprise new (non-existing) customers