Medbox is a suite of applications that will be involved in the whole pharmaceutical value chain, from the pharmaceutical producers/importers till the patient. Its main objective is to ease communication, purchasing, planning and payment between all stakeholders while also providing direct and targeted marketing channels for pharmaceutical companies and brands, medical reps and pharmacies. The first app currently being rolled-out is Roshetta, which is an App linking patient with their closest pharmacy, but eventually Medbox will also include a community building platform for pharmacists, medical reps and companies, a POS system to be installed in pharmacies as well as as inventory and purchasing management system. These services and products will also allow Medbox to collect a wealth of data that it will capitalize on at a later stage. HossamEl Harairy, Managing Partner, has experience in operations and supply chain management for large corporations. Mohamed Saad, Technical Partner has extensive software development experience and founded BetaHub, a software development company that also acts as CTO for Roshetta.